Roads in the mountains of the Tama area and Tokyo islands

In the mountainous areas of the Tama area and in the Tokyo islands, roads support a majority of the movement of people and goods. Specifically,
metropolitan roads, the main roads in these areas, support daily life, and are essential infrastructure to the industrial, economic, and cultural activities, as well as to the development of these communities.

Rich in nature with steep terrain, the Bureau is advancing improvements to roads in these areas that will contribute to local development and disaster
resistance such as widening and straightening roads where there are curves with poor visibility or where large vehicles have diffi culty passing each other, creating bypass roads to prevent rural communities from becoming isolated when a natural disaster occurs, implementing measures to ease traffic
congestion during peak travel seasons, and ensuring the safety of pedestrians.

Projects being undertaken by the Bureau include the Tamagawa-nangan-doro Avenue and the Akigawa-nangan-doro Avenue in the mountains of the Tama area, and the Oshima-junkan-sen Route and Miyake-junkan-sen Route in the Tokyo islands.

Of these projects, the 2.8km Joyama section of the Tamagawa-nangandoro Avenue in Okutama-machi opened in FY2015, and about 5.1km of the
7km planned extension of the roadway has been completed. Concerning the remaining 1.9km, the Bureau is conducting studies in preparation for the start of construction.
Tamagawa-nangan-doro Avenue (Joyama section) opened in FY2015


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