Botanical Gardens

At each botanical garden, efforts are being made to allow visitors to learn about plants and the relationship between plants and human life and culture while having fun.

Jindai Botanical Gardens

Home to about 100,000 trees and plants belonging to 4,800 species, Jindai Botanical Gardens has such attractions as a plum blossom garden, a cherry blossom garden, a mass planting of azaleas, a large greenhouse featuring exotic tropical plants, as well as a rose garden, which received the Award of Garden Excellence from the World Federation of Rose Societies. It also holds seasonal exhibitions, including those of chrysanthemums, violets, Japan’s traditional garden plants, and bonsai. Exhibits housed within the large greenhouse, which reopened following renovations in May 2016, have been enhanced with the addition of an exhibition room featuring orchids and begonias, as well as a new area displaying plants from the Ogasawara Islands and arid regions.

In April 2012, Jindai Botanical Gardens opened the Plant Diversity Center, which preserves and propagates Tokyo’s endangered botanical species,
collects and disseminates information, and promotes the importance of botanical diversity.
  • Rose Garden, Jindai Botanical Gardens
    Rose garden in Jindai Botanical Gardens
  • Jindai Botanical Gardens 50th anniversary commemorative tree-planting
    Okutama area of the plant diversity learning zone at Jindai Botanical Gardens’ Plant Diversity Center

Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome

Heat recovered from a nearby incineration plant is used to heat Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome, which features exhibits recreating scenery such as tropical wetlands and villages and vegetation in Tokyo’s subtropical Ogasawara Islands.

The garden contains around 1,000 varieties of tropical and subtropical plants. Visitors can enjoy the distinctive scenery, including flowers in a range of colors and fruit, all year round.

The facility also offers seasonal events such as nighttime guided tours and a tropical rain shower experience, enabling participants to get a realistic feel for nature.
Glass Dome, Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome
“Glass dome” exterior of Yumenoshima Tropical Greenhouse Dome


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