Environmental Work on Rivers

Improving Environmental Conditions in Waterfront Areas

To produce a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere in waterfront areas, efforts are underway to make rivers more accessible and enjoyable with close attention paid to the characteristics of each place. Those efforts include building up greenery on riverbanks and embankments, renovating maintenance trails so they can also serve as recreation trails, and utilizing former riverbanks and other available areas to develop facilities that allow people to get close to rivers.

Building Riverside Environments (Nakagawa River, Edogawa Ward)
Greenery creation on river banks (Nakagawa River in Edogawa-ku)

Improving Water Volume and Quality

For rivers where water quality or a lowered water level is a concern, dredging and other work is conducted to improve the water quality, and water from other rivers and groundwater leaking in subways and other structures are released to raise the river level.

Children Playing Around the River (Nogawa River, Mitaka City)
Children playing in a river (Nogawa River in Mitaka City)


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